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Parting Shots of Christmas 2009


Table Set for a Beautiful Evening Christmas 2009

My Christmas has been glorious.   Even though the “crud” accompanied me this last week, it has still been wondrous.  Just thought I’d share some parting thoughts and photos.   About these spectacular amaryllis… when I arrived with the flowers, the dining room was all set for  the next day’s party guests and it was splendid.  I couldn’t resist asking for a photo op.  What gracious hosts they are.  They could/should write a book!!!  It was beautiful!

Want to see more photos?  How many can I add here?  If you would like to  see more, check my Facebook Fan page, too.

Arrangement of Amaryllis, Mini Callas, Green Anthuriums, Holly Berries and even Maidenhair Fern

This table surely didn’t NEED flowers to make it gorgeous but it was my honor and pleasure to have added something to this gathering of good friends.  May all our Christmases be as lovely…

More parting thoughts to come.



3 thoughts on “Parting Shots of Christmas 2009

  1. Hi cyndi! I’m so excited for you,too. Hooray for your new blog. And I can’t tell you how beautiful your floral arrangement is here. The colors are so yummy and unique together. The flower choices follow suit with their unexpected yet perfect combinations. How do you plan ahead so that everything is in sync? Really, how does that work? It is so perfect with the table setting.

    • Debbie,
      Thank you SO much for your kind words. And I have to tell you how wonderful this job was … because of my client. I LOVE it when things turn out this way and I am given all the little details. Then i can create something that will, hopefully, be just perfect. When I went to the house to pick up the container that she wanted to use for the flowers, the table, no- really, the entire room – was already set for the dinner. So I knew exactly where the flowers would end up and how they would fit into the big picture. I love it! When I can have that much information then I can be sure that the arrangement FITS IN with the rest of the event. And I even had the opportunity to get input from the man of the house. It was great! My client told me what flowers she liked for the season and left the rest up to me. So my thanks to them! And thanks again to you – glad you liked it, too.

  2. Cyndi –

    Your work is *GORGEOUS* and I’m so impressed by your amazing gifts and talents! Can’t wait to refer you to more and more brides!!

    Happy New Year!

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