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Bridal Gown Needs a Bride

This beautiful Gloria Vanderbilt wedding dress really needs a bride.  It was abandoned at my cleaners and, to me, that’s so sad.  So I thought I’d ask around for a new home.  It looks like a Size 12.  Has tons of pearls, a stunning neckline and a nice long train.  High quality details like the little pearl broach-type piece and the satin hem.  Lovely!!!All for only $350.  Isn’t that a great price?  I haven’t shopped for a wedding dress in QUITE some time but it seems like a very low price to me.  And it’s really quite a dress!!

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Twigs, Leaves & Flowers at the grand opening of The Morrow Center

How beautiful the new Morrow Center is!  I had no idea that this project was underway but they have converted a space in a shopping mall (that was formerly Macy’s) into a conference center.   It is complete with a 4700 square foot ballroom, which is where we were located for the Grand Opening event.  I was invited by Affairs by Pinehurst to add flowers to their display.  They are one of the six Preferred Caterers for the new facility.  So… you know I was excited.  We met several new brides there.  And a lot of long-time Morrow residents.   The caterers and a couple of musicians were in the ballroom while there were florists, bakers, travel agents, photographers and a  magazine publisher  throughout the main thoroughfare around the ballroom.  Even though it rained,  it seemed to me that there was a good crowd.  My thanks to Lynda Dubbs (Pinehurst) for taking me along.  Here are some of my photos.  Hoping that I’ll have more to from the “real” photographers who where there taking pictures.

Hope you enjoy.  Wish you’d been there!



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Last Look at Christmas 2009… I promise

I know, I know… Christmas 2009 is long gone.  But I have to tell you that I had SO much fun decorating that I’ve had a hard time seeing it go.  (And I’ve also had a hard time getting everything “un-decorated” .)   So please indulge me as I share some photos.  Last time, I promise.  More photos on Facebook Fan Page – Twigs, Leaves & Flowers.  Thanks for taking a look.  Christmas Cards on the mantel 2009