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After the Lunch for 400

Just received these photos from my friend Alyssa.  Since my camera battery gave out after just a few photos, Alyssa was kind enough to snap a few quick shots during “cleanup”.  Just thought I’d share them with you…

My Favorite - Just a little tuft of muscari

In addition to the

flower centerpieces

we had 4 of these

candle pieces.  Alyssa helped make these…

Tulips - Another Favorite

Did you know that tulip stems continue to grow – even after being cut from the plant???  True.

Quince from my back yard had to be "forced" into budding.

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Prom Time for 2010

I’m so excited that prom time is just around the corner!  I just love all the detail work.  (Wonder, huh? Since I also love all the HUGE stuff?) But you’d be surprised how creative you can be with these little flower designs.  And there is so much chic new “accoutrement” this year.  I can’t wait.  If you want something unusual… bring it on!  And… yes… I still remember how to do traditional, too.  And even retro – for all those who are my age or older… remember the huge orchids we used to wear???  But for my proms – nosegays were the rage.  Remember that?

Tell me all about your dress for this year???  I love to hear.  Better yet, send pictures or post them here.  ( OH!  Better not post them until after the prom.  Don’t want to give away any secrets.  )  But be saving your photos and let’s have some of mom’s and daughter’s.  Fun, don’t you think?

What’s the IN color?  The pros in the world of color say this year’s IN color will be TURQUOISE.  Okay with me!!!   Can’t wait!

Here are some photos from last year…Prom FlowersProm flowersProm flowers

wrist corsage and flower bracelet

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Lunch for 400

I had a blast creating floral table decor for our pastor’s farewell retirement luncheon last weekend.  Sorry to see him go but… Godspeed Dudley.  We had 400 people in attendance and the organizing committee for this luncheon is to be commended.  I’d mention all of their names but I don’t have their permission to do that.

I had (for the first time) allowed enough time after delivery to take a few pictures but had failed to consult my camera battery about the plan.  Battery only lasted through a few pictures so here they are. 

My thanks to all who enjoyed the flowers.

It was certainly my honor to create them for this occasion.