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Proms 2010

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Wrist Corsage & Pocket Boutonniere of Orchids

I just can’t begin to tell you how excited I get about prom flowers.  I love all the little detail work involved.  And all of the new resources – new bracelets, new trinkets to add “bling”.  Prom-goers are now considering exciting and exotic flowers in addition to the traditional mini-roses.  Oh… and new colors!  Metals – both metal colors and wires.  Oh… see!!!! I can really get excited!!!!!

So here are the first pictures in from Prom 2010.  Meet Kyle.  Agreeable to trying something new in boutonnieres – the pocket boutonniere!  What a fun piece to design.  Had a blast!  See what you think???

I am so thankful to his Mom, Kimberly, who shared these great photos with me.  And I wish that I could acknowledge his date but I do not have her name.  Hopefully she will sign in here and let us know how she liked PROM 2010.   And while you can’t actually see the flowers in this photo, I just love the look on Kyle’s face as his Grandmother makes sure that the details are all attended to.  Priceless!!!!

My Favorite Photo... so far this season

Both of these pieces were phaleanopsis orchids.  One of my favorites for many reasons.  First, they are so unusual.  Second, they have a long life as a cut flower.  Third, they are grown in such cool colors and combinations of colors.  They are also known as the “butterfly orchid” as they sort of resemble butterflies.

Yes, I’m excited about the flowers and the way that they looked on these perfectly beautiful “models” but I’m most pleased that all reports indicate that they had a marvelous  time at PROM 2010.


PROM 2010

PROM 2010.


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