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Half of my life – in POCKETBOOKS

Yesterday I reached for something overhead in my closet and a purse fell out instead.  First time I’d noticed that stack of ‘pocketbooks’ in years.  Decided I should get rid of them so I pulled them all off of the shelf.  Then, of course, a flood of emotion started falling, too.  What’s up with that???  It was like a bunch of old friends just showed up for tea. Just over half of my life in pocketbooks.  Wonder what that says about a woman??  Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed that I still have, oh,  probably,  32 years of pocketbooks.  Wonder what it means that I only had 12 of them in 32 years.  Some small, a couple large, almost all are colorful.  Some have shoulder straps. Some zippers.  ALL of them inexpensive.  But each one brought back memories that I won’t bore you with but I am going to subject you to photos of each ‘pocketbook’ (we usually called them pocketbooks , rarely purses) – in no particular order.

So….what do you think this says about a woman?  Have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever examined your life by looking at your pocketbooks?  Who knew that they held  more than keys, cell phone, lipstick and credit cards?  Someday maybe I’ll write more.  Or maybe somebody should write a book…..