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Morning Gifts

What a wonderful gift this morning! I love the fog! And this morning we had a little. My morning walk is even more wondrous in the fog.

Earlier in the week, it was the rain! I was totally taken with the rainwater on the spider webs. Finished my walk and grabbed my camera. Now… you already know that I’m not much of a photographer but I’m going to share these photos with you anyway… just in case they might remind you to …’stop and smell the roses’… enjoy all the little blessings of the day… take a deep breath and be inspired by the world around you… be ‘present’ in every moment… ‘make it a great day’!   (remember when David Hartman used to sign off with that encouragement everyday, on GMA?) SAM_1227



































Sorry to see this clematis waning. I’ve enjoyed cutting long vines for arrangements this summer. Just look at how many tiny little flowers there were!



This is a beautiful green clump of chives… just about to come into full bloom. These are so gorgeous in bouquets, IF you don’t mind their garlic-y fragrance.