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In Need of Her Friends

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Several years ago… maybe 8 or 9… this

little pup-dog came into my life.SAM_1382

It was Halloween day, just about dusk,

that she strutted

across the grass to meet me!

She loved me right away and

the feeling was mutual.  I called her ‘Boo’.

I think of myself as her auntie, even today, though we

don’t see each other enough.   I used to babysit her when

she was little.  She would spend lunch hours with me at the

flower shop sometimes and they were the best days.  This

picture was taken on that Halloween day.  She went totally limp asleep in my arms.  I’ve never known a dog to be so

relaxed.  I’ve carried this photo in my billfold for years – can you tell?

This is my Boo…

But  you may know her as Sallie.  And now she looks more like this:

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here she is with Lillie.  They often ‘tan’ together at this same spot.

Sallie needs our human help.  She needs prayer for a speedy recovery from surgery.  And she needs energy to eat.  And she needs good news from the tests that they ran at the UGA Vet.

Since she’s too sick to ask for your help right now.. thought I’d ask for her.  Thanks for remembering her and the humans that belong to her!  I’ll try to keep you updated about her homecoming and recovery.



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