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Your PRESENCE Is Requested At The Wedding Of…

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hoYour Presence Is Requested At The Wedding Of…

January 18, 2018

As I was reading this inspiration by Anne Wilson Schaef, I was reminded of recent wedding days.

I often have the pleasure of directing wedding days and this subject of PRESENCE is one that bride and I always discuss. It is so important for you, the bride, to be present at your wedding. (Important for the groom as well!) But so easy to miss the entire day. We start, often, with a sleepy head(because the fun just wouldn’t stop the night before), followed by makeup and mimosas shortly after the sun comes up and then we’re off in a whirlwind. I totally love, and approve of, the excitement of all the bridesmaids and the bride and moms and grandmothers and flower girls – everyone is just a tither and love abounds. But… if one is not careful, that is all you’ll remember – the frenzy of it all. Do take care to build in time for being present. I will remind you occasionally thoughout the day to stop and feel the love. These moments won’t come again and they need your “undivided attention”! Just for a minute, stop and feel the love. Chances are that all the people that you care about are surrounding you and these little treasures will not line up, just so, ever again. Also, take a few minutes for the most special – those closest to you –

Photo by Kenzie/Hedrick Photography

who might want just one more hug before you are no longer ‘my little girl’.

As Anne said… “PRESENCE is such a gift… to myself and others.”

P.S.  Of course, we all know… you will always be ‘my little girl’.