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Your PRESENCE Is Requested At The Wedding Of…

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hoYour Presence Is Requested At The Wedding Of…

January 18, 2018

As I was reading this inspiration by Anne Wilson Schaef, I was reminded of recent wedding days.

I often have the pleasure of directing wedding days and this subject of PRESENCE is one that bride and I always discuss. It is so important for you, the bride, to be present at your wedding. (Important for the groom as well!) But so easy to miss the entire day. We start, often, with a sleepy head(because the fun just wouldn’t stop the night before), followed by makeup and mimosas shortly after the sun comes up and then we’re off in a whirlwind. I totally love, and approve of, the excitement of all the bridesmaids and the bride and moms and grandmothers and flower girls – everyone is just a tither and love abounds. But… if one is not careful, that is all you’ll remember – the frenzy of it all. Do take care to build in time for being present. I will remind you occasionally thoughout the day to stop and feel the love. These moments won’t come again and they need your “undivided attention”! Just for a minute, stop and feel the love. Chances are that all the people that you care about are surrounding you and these little treasures will not line up, just so, ever again. Also, take a few minutes for the most special – those closest to you –

Photo by Kenzie/Hedrick Photography

who might want just one more hug before you are no longer ‘my little girl’.

As Anne said… “PRESENCE is such a gift… to myself and others.”

P.S.  Of course, we all know… you will always be ‘my little girl’.

Nearly Full

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Woke up, before dawn, to find the nearly-full-moon shining like a spotlight into the bedroom. So beautiful! Made me unable to go back to sleep in anticipation of the day. No plans for a ‘special’ day, just catching up at my desk, thaw something for supper… routine stuff. Headed for my desk for an early start (before 5 o’clock) and there was the moon again… shining through the transom window. Just wanted to freeze time… it was almost like when you step into that sunbeam and you just want to stay there, with your face soaking up the warmth… it was kind of like that.


This little harp sits in the transom (along with a few other harps and my harping gnome).  It was carved for me by my Uncle Charlie and is only about 4 inches tall.  Today, it’s my moon harp!

Wanted to share with you before the sun comes up and the magic is gone for today!

Looks like it might be a ‘special’ day after all…

nearly full moon

nearly full moon

This gallery contains 2 photos

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In Need of Her Friends

Several years ago… maybe 8 or 9… this

little pup-dog came into my life.SAM_1382

It was Halloween day, just about dusk,

that she strutted

across the grass to meet me!

She loved me right away and

the feeling was mutual.  I called her ‘Boo’.

I think of myself as her auntie, even today, though we

don’t see each other enough.   I used to babysit her when

she was little.  She would spend lunch hours with me at the

flower shop sometimes and they were the best days.  This

picture was taken on that Halloween day.  She went totally limp asleep in my arms.  I’ve never known a dog to be so

relaxed.  I’ve carried this photo in my billfold for years – can you tell?

This is my Boo…

But  you may know her as Sallie.  And now she looks more like this:

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here she is with Lillie.  They often ‘tan’ together at this same spot.

Sallie needs our human help.  She needs prayer for a speedy recovery from surgery.  And she needs energy to eat.  And she needs good news from the tests that they ran at the UGA Vet.

Since she’s too sick to ask for your help right now.. thought I’d ask for her.  Thanks for remembering her and the humans that belong to her!  I’ll try to keep you updated about her homecoming and recovery.



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Morning Gifts

What a wonderful gift this morning! I love the fog! And this morning we had a little. My morning walk is even more wondrous in the fog.

Earlier in the week, it was the rain! I was totally taken with the rainwater on the spider webs. Finished my walk and grabbed my camera. Now… you already know that I’m not much of a photographer but I’m going to share these photos with you anyway… just in case they might remind you to …’stop and smell the roses’… enjoy all the little blessings of the day… take a deep breath and be inspired by the world around you… be ‘present’ in every moment… ‘make it a great day’!   (remember when David Hartman used to sign off with that encouragement everyday, on GMA?) SAM_1227



































Sorry to see this clematis waning. I’ve enjoyed cutting long vines for arrangements this summer. Just look at how many tiny little flowers there were!



This is a beautiful green clump of chives… just about to come into full bloom. These are so gorgeous in bouquets, IF you don’t mind their garlic-y fragrance.


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The Best Brides…

Just a quick note to say again that I have the Best Brides. And the Best Mothers of Brides.  Haven’t you heard me say that?  The Best!

Using orchid plants on head table.

Using orchid plants on head table.

I hear stories and see tv shows about brides that are contrary, complaining and hard to please.  You know that show called Bridezillas? I’ve quit watching it. I just don’t find brides to be like that. I know… I might be jinxing things (oooooo… I hope not) but ‘my’ brides/the brides I’ve worked with have been the Best. I could write a chapter about each one and how special they’ve been.  And their Mothers have been just as remarkable.  I am so very thankful to these ladies for the pleasure and joy of working with them.

Some brides know what they want. Some brides simply give me their color palette and answer my very important question (What are three words that describe the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding?”) and wait to see what happens. That’s what Natasha did.

But all have been the BEST.   Thanks for five years of absolutely wonderful relationships!  I remember every one of you fondly!

Head Table Banquet Style Here are some pictures from the latest wedding.
Venue: Affairs By Pinehurst
Bride & Groom: Natasha & Nathan

Basket for Natasha's flower girl. Antique basket with fresh flowers - wax flower, alstromeria, Italian ruscus

Basket for Natasha’s flower girl. Antique basket with fresh flowers – wax flower, alstromeria, Italian ruscus


SAM_0908 with bride's bouquet only

Natasha's Bouquet

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2013 Day Two

Today, I received this great card from a friend.  I was planning to share it with you – had taken a picture and was going to post it on Facebook.  I love the birds and the quote and the person who sent it is very special. The quote on the card is  “And now let us welcome the new year,full of things that have never been.”   But before I got it posted, I picked up one of my favorite books to read the entry for January 2nd.  And the author quoted the very same German poet – Rainer Maria Rilka who said  “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”  Hmmm… I thought.  Love the questions!  No problem.  Rilka went on to say “Do not now seek the answers which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them and the point is to live everything.  Live the questions now…”  

May there always be questions!






The book – Sarah Ban Breathnach’s SIMPLE ABUNDANCE.  The card – Saturn Press.

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No more pages to turn…

Last year about this time, my friend Barbara gave me this Imagetotally gorgeous, full of greens calendar.  Every month for twelve months I have anticipated the next ‘green’ photograph. Everyday, when I see this calendar, I think of my friend Barbara, utter a quick prayer, see what day it is and continue on…. usually toward fixing my breakfast.   But, alas, there are NO more pages to turn.  I have to tell you, I am a little sad.  Each month showed some lusciously green hillside or meadow that was so inviting.  I could just ‘be’ there, wiggling my old and ugly toes in the grass.  I will miss you, green calendar.  Soon it will be farewell!

Thanks, Barbara, for the wonderful year!

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Christmas Berries

Yesterday morning I looked out the breakfast room window to notice that the holly berries were simply translucent.  The sun was shining ‘just so‘  on them and you could see right through them.  I was just captivated!   It was almost like they were lighted from the inside.   I really wanted to go outdoors and sit with the berries, soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun but instead I grabbed my camera.  I am still trying to figure out the new camera so the practice should be helpful, right?  Here are some of the pics.

Nature always inspires me!  May it always be so.  Merry berries!

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Last Day of September 2012

I simply can’t believe that it’s the last day of September.  Can you believe it?  The year is flying by!  While I love each day for its own, I would be okay if days weren’t passing so fast. Days… Months are over and it seems that I just turned the calendar.

But now comes my favorite time of year… the fall.  Loving the shorter days and the cooler temps.  Love the new colors on the trees and the gorgeous and graceful grasses that are swaying in the breezes.  Love it!

Enjoy fall this  year… and enjoy these photos from falls past.

Fall Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Jil’s bouquet and her attendants

Fav Wrist Corsage

Fall Evening & Candlelight

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

     Elaine’s Reception

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

Fall flowers for JG & David.

             Fall bride and her attendants                           




Elaine’s reception

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Half of my life – in POCKETBOOKS

Yesterday I reached for something overhead in my closet and a purse fell out instead.  First time I’d noticed that stack of ‘pocketbooks’ in years.  Decided I should get rid of them so I pulled them all off of the shelf.  Then, of course, a flood of emotion started falling, too.  What’s up with that???  It was like a bunch of old friends just showed up for tea. Just over half of my life in pocketbooks.  Wonder what that says about a woman??  Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed that I still have, oh,  probably,  32 years of pocketbooks.  Wonder what it means that I only had 12 of them in 32 years.  Some small, a couple large, almost all are colorful.  Some have shoulder straps. Some zippers.  ALL of them inexpensive.  But each one brought back memories that I won’t bore you with but I am going to subject you to photos of each ‘pocketbook’ (we usually called them pocketbooks , rarely purses) – in no particular order.

So….what do you think this says about a woman?  Have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever examined your life by looking at your pocketbooks?  Who knew that they held  more than keys, cell phone, lipstick and credit cards?  Someday maybe I’ll write more.  Or maybe somebody should write a book…..