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Christmas Berries

Yesterday morning I looked out the breakfast room window to notice that the holly berries were simply translucent.  The sun was shining ‘just so‘  on them and you could see right through them.  I was just captivated!   It was almost like they were lighted from the inside.   I really wanted to go outdoors and sit with the berries, soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun but instead I grabbed my camera.  I am still trying to figure out the new camera so the practice should be helpful, right?  Here are some of the pics.

Nature always inspires me!  May it always be so.  Merry berries!

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Last Day of September 2012

I simply can’t believe that it’s the last day of September.  Can you believe it?  The year is flying by!  While I love each day for its own, I would be okay if days weren’t passing so fast. Days… Months are over and it seems that I just turned the calendar.

But now comes my favorite time of year… the fall.  Loving the shorter days and the cooler temps.  Love the new colors on the trees and the gorgeous and graceful grasses that are swaying in the breezes.  Love it!

Enjoy fall this  year… and enjoy these photos from falls past.

Fall Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Jil’s bouquet and her attendants

Fav Wrist Corsage

Fall Evening & Candlelight

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

     Elaine’s Reception

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

Fall flowers for JG & David.

             Fall bride and her attendants                           




Elaine’s reception

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Half of my life – in POCKETBOOKS

Yesterday I reached for something overhead in my closet and a purse fell out instead.  First time I’d noticed that stack of ‘pocketbooks’ in years.  Decided I should get rid of them so I pulled them all off of the shelf.  Then, of course, a flood of emotion started falling, too.  What’s up with that???  It was like a bunch of old friends just showed up for tea. Just over half of my life in pocketbooks.  Wonder what that says about a woman??  Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed that I still have, oh,  probably,  32 years of pocketbooks.  Wonder what it means that I only had 12 of them in 32 years.  Some small, a couple large, almost all are colorful.  Some have shoulder straps. Some zippers.  ALL of them inexpensive.  But each one brought back memories that I won’t bore you with but I am going to subject you to photos of each ‘pocketbook’ (we usually called them pocketbooks , rarely purses) – in no particular order.

So….what do you think this says about a woman?  Have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever examined your life by looking at your pocketbooks?  Who knew that they held  more than keys, cell phone, lipstick and credit cards?  Someday maybe I’ll write more.  Or maybe somebody should write a book…..



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Another Weekend of Prom 2010


Orchids & Ivy

And I love designing prom flowers!! Have I said that before?  I do really enjoy the tiny little details. I even made a wrist corsage for myself and wore it all of Friday night to celebrate with all the prom-goers.(My cats thought me quite a sight!)  OH… I didn’t get a photo of it! Rats!

But… I was in the paparazzi that caught Amanda and Matt as they were leaving the house. Amanda and her family were so sweet to let me intrude on their celebration. I had a blast! AND THEY LOOKED GORGEOUS! But you don’t have to take my word for it – here is the proof!

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Proms 2010

Wrist Corsage & Pocket Boutonniere of Orchids

I just can’t begin to tell you how excited I get about prom flowers.  I love all the little detail work involved.  And all of the new resources – new bracelets, new trinkets to add “bling”.  Prom-goers are now considering exciting and exotic flowers in addition to the traditional mini-roses.  Oh… and new colors!  Metals – both metal colors and wires.  Oh… see!!!! I can really get excited!!!!!

So here are the first pictures in from Prom 2010.  Meet Kyle.  Agreeable to trying something new in boutonnieres – the pocket boutonniere!  What a fun piece to design.  Had a blast!  See what you think???

I am so thankful to his Mom, Kimberly, who shared these great photos with me.  And I wish that I could acknowledge his date but I do not have her name.  Hopefully she will sign in here and let us know how she liked PROM 2010.   And while you can’t actually see the flowers in this photo, I just love the look on Kyle’s face as his Grandmother makes sure that the details are all attended to.  Priceless!!!!

My Favorite Photo... so far this season

Both of these pieces were phaleanopsis orchids.  One of my favorites for many reasons.  First, they are so unusual.  Second, they have a long life as a cut flower.  Third, they are grown in such cool colors and combinations of colors.  They are also known as the “butterfly orchid” as they sort of resemble butterflies.

Yes, I’m excited about the flowers and the way that they looked on these perfectly beautiful “models” but I’m most pleased that all reports indicate that they had a marvelous  time at PROM 2010.


PROM 2010

PROM 2010.

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After the Lunch for 400

Just received these photos from my friend Alyssa.  Since my camera battery gave out after just a few photos, Alyssa was kind enough to snap a few quick shots during “cleanup”.  Just thought I’d share them with you…

My Favorite - Just a little tuft of muscari

In addition to the

flower centerpieces

we had 4 of these

candle pieces.  Alyssa helped make these…

Tulips - Another Favorite

Did you know that tulip stems continue to grow – even after being cut from the plant???  True.

Quince from my back yard had to be "forced" into budding.

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Prom Time for 2010

I’m so excited that prom time is just around the corner!  I just love all the detail work.  (Wonder, huh? Since I also love all the HUGE stuff?) But you’d be surprised how creative you can be with these little flower designs.  And there is so much chic new “accoutrement” this year.  I can’t wait.  If you want something unusual… bring it on!  And… yes… I still remember how to do traditional, too.  And even retro – for all those who are my age or older… remember the huge orchids we used to wear???  But for my proms – nosegays were the rage.  Remember that?

Tell me all about your dress for this year???  I love to hear.  Better yet, send pictures or post them here.  ( OH!  Better not post them until after the prom.  Don’t want to give away any secrets.  )  But be saving your photos and let’s have some of mom’s and daughter’s.  Fun, don’t you think?

What’s the IN color?  The pros in the world of color say this year’s IN color will be TURQUOISE.  Okay with me!!!   Can’t wait!

Here are some photos from last year…Prom FlowersProm flowersProm flowers

wrist corsage and flower bracelet