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The Best Brides…

Just a quick note to say again that I have the Best Brides. And the Best Mothers of Brides.  Haven’t you heard me say that?  The Best!

Using orchid plants on head table.

Using orchid plants on head table.

I hear stories and see tv shows about brides that are contrary, complaining and hard to please.  You know that show called Bridezillas? I’ve quit watching it. I just don’t find brides to be like that. I know… I might be jinxing things (oooooo… I hope not) but ‘my’ brides/the brides I’ve worked with have been the Best. I could write a chapter about each one and how special they’ve been.  And their Mothers have been just as remarkable.  I am so very thankful to these ladies for the pleasure and joy of working with them.

Some brides know what they want. Some brides simply give me their color palette and answer my very important question (What are three words that describe the atmosphere you want to create at your wedding?”) and wait to see what happens. That’s what Natasha did.

But all have been the BEST.   Thanks for five years of absolutely wonderful relationships!  I remember every one of you fondly!

Head Table Banquet Style Here are some pictures from the latest wedding.
Venue: Affairs By Pinehurst
Bride & Groom: Natasha & Nathan

Basket for Natasha's flower girl. Antique basket with fresh flowers - wax flower, alstromeria, Italian ruscus

Basket for Natasha’s flower girl. Antique basket with fresh flowers – wax flower, alstromeria, Italian ruscus


SAM_0908 with bride's bouquet only

Natasha's Bouquet

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Last Day of September 2012

I simply can’t believe that it’s the last day of September.  Can you believe it?  The year is flying by!  While I love each day for its own, I would be okay if days weren’t passing so fast. Days… Months are over and it seems that I just turned the calendar.

But now comes my favorite time of year… the fall.  Loving the shorter days and the cooler temps.  Love the new colors on the trees and the gorgeous and graceful grasses that are swaying in the breezes.  Love it!

Enjoy fall this  year… and enjoy these photos from falls past.

Fall Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Jil’s bouquet and her attendants

Fav Wrist Corsage

Fall Evening & Candlelight

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

     Elaine’s Reception

JG & David Celebrate Anniversary

Fall flowers for JG & David.

             Fall bride and her attendants                           




Elaine’s reception