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Nearly Full

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Woke up, before dawn, to find the nearly-full-moon shining like a spotlight into the bedroom. So beautiful! Made me unable to go back to sleep in anticipation of the day. No plans for a ‘special’ day, just catching up at my desk, thaw something for supper… routine stuff. Headed for my desk for an early start (before 5 o’clock) and there was the moon again… shining through the transom window. Just wanted to freeze time… it was almost like when you step into that sunbeam and you just want to stay there, with your face soaking up the warmth… it was kind of like that.


This little harp sits in the transom (along with a few other harps and my harping gnome).  It was carved for me by my Uncle Charlie and is only about 4 inches tall.  Today, it’s my moon harp!

Wanted to share with you before the sun comes up and the magic is gone for today!

Looks like it might be a ‘special’ day after all…

nearly full moon

nearly full moon

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